Video Cloud Developer Docs

Video Cloud is a complete video hosting and publishing platform. Here you will find information you need to get started developing with Video Cloud APIs and SDKs.

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APIs and Developer Tools Current (recommended) Deprecated (more info)

Overview of the APIs

Integrating Video Cloud with a CMS

API Testing Tools

API Tester

Using Postman to Make API Requests

Managing Video Bandwidth

Media Management

Ingest Profiles API

Dynamic Ingest API


Batch Provisioning
Media API
Players Brightcove Player Smart Player API
Flash-only Player API (obsolete)
Playback API Advertising API (obsolete)
Manage Players Player Management API BEML Templates (obsolete)
Analyze Usage Analytics API
Audience Audience API
Authentication for APIs OAuth API Managing Media API Tokens
Mobile Native Player SDKs
Open Source Projects
Open Source
Set Up cURL
Debugging Basics
Debugging on Mobile Devices
Delivering HLS Video
Delivery System API
The JavaScript Module Design Pattern
Using JSON
String Encoder
Date Converter