CMS API Sample: MRSS Generator

In this sample, you will learn how to use the CMS API to generate an MRSS feed based on Google's MRSS guide.

MRSS feed as sitemap

Obtain credentials

Like most of Brightcove's RESTful APIs, the CMS API requires OAuth access tokens to authorize requests. In order to get access tokens, you first need to obtain client credentials with permissions for kinds of operations you want to request.

  1. To obtain your credentials follow the instructions in Managing API Credentials. This is the recommended way of obtaining your client credentials. This sample only requires /video/read permissions, but in most cases, you will likely want to get all permissions:
    Required Permissions
    Required Permissions

    You can also obtain credentials using the OAuth API, following the instructions in one of the guides listed below:


  • vkBeautify (to pretty-print the XML for the MRSS feed)

Working sample

You can use the form below to generate a sample MRSS feed either for your own account or for a sample Brightcove account.


If you do not enter account information, a Brightcove sample account will be used.

Account id:

Client id:

Client secret:

Feed title:

Feed description:

Number of videos to include:

Search string to select videos (optional - see Search for Videos)

Sort by:


Waiting for input...

Current API request

Generated MRSS feed

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