WARNING: This API has been deprecated and should not be used for new projects. Click here for more information.

Media API Sample: add_image

This sample uses the add_image() Write method of the Media API to upload an image file (or provide a remote URL for it) and add it to a video as a new video still, thumbnail, or overlay.

There are hard-coded values from a Brightcove Learning demo account that you can use to test with, as long as you have a valid video file to upload, or you can substitute a write token for your own account.

View the source for this page to see the code.

Note: you should never hard-code your tokens into a client-side application in the manner shown here for demonstration purposes only. Also be aware that even if you require the use to enter the token, it will be transmitted as plain text unless the form submits over an https connection.

Input form

Read token:

Write Token:

API Location:

Video to add image to:

Display Name for image:

Image type:

Remote URL (only if you are not uploading an image):

Resize it?

File checksum (MD5):

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