WARNING: This API has been deprecated and should not be used for new projects. Click here for more information.

Media API Sample: find_related_videos

This example uses the Media API find_related_videos() READ method, which allows you to retrieve data for videos related to the video you specify by id or reference id.

Note: this method searches for videos that have common words in the title or short description. The Media API search_videos() method provides a much more powerful way of finding related videos based on any standard or custom field, and allows you to exclude videos from the results by using the none argument. Brightcove recommends that you use the search_videos() method rather than the find_related_videos() method.

All READ method samples are made using the JavaScript MAPI wrapper.

Note: making this call from the client side exposes your read token, which could allow a developer to access all video data from your account. If you use the READ token with URL access, that developer could even download copies of all your video files. Brightcove recommends making all Media API calls from a server-side application if possible.

Search Input

Read token:

Service URL:

At least one of the two next fields must have a value.

ID of the video you want to find related videos for:

Reference ID of the video you want to find related videos for:

Page size:   Page number:

Only the first page is available until you make a search; then the available pages are recalculated.

Total items:

Video fields to return:

For details about the video fields, refer to the Video object in the Media API Reference document.

You must use a read token with URL access to return FLVURL, renditions, iOSRenditions, FLVFullLength, and videoFullLength.

The following fields are not returned unless they are explicityly included in the video_fields parameter: iOSRenditions, captioning, digitalMaster, logoOverlay, thumbnail, videoPreview, videoStill, accountId, itemState, startDate, endDate, geoRestricted, geoFilteredCountries, geoFilterExclude, WVMRenditions and HLSURL..

Media delivery:

Find Videos

Media API Request

Below is the request sent to the Media API service:

JSON Response

Below is the JSON data returned by the request:

JSON Response

Processed Response

Below is simple HTML output of the video names using the Handlebars templating system: