Overview: Brightcove Player SDK for tvOS

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Welcome to Brightcove's Player SDK for tvOS developer documentation. Here you will find information for playing video content on Apple TV.


The Native SDK for tvOS allows you to create video-centric apps for the Apple TV.

  • Video Cloud customers can play Video Cloud library content
  • Perform customers can play videos with internet accessible URLs

Supported versions

In order to take advantage of the latest technology improvements from Apple, we currently offer support for the following:

Active support

Brightcove provides active support for the latest iOS SDK on the following tvOS versions:

  • tvOS 10
  • tvOS 9

Understanding support levels

There are two levels of support:

  • Active: Brightcove will test and fix bugs on these OS versions.
  • Passive: Brightcove will test on these OS versions, but bug fixes will be handled on a case by case basis.

Generally, Brightcove provides active support for the versions of the OS that are used by 80% of the user base, and passive support for other versions used by at least 5% of the user base.

Getting started

Before beginning development with the Player SDK for tvOS, there are a few concepts you should learn about:

  1. Media

    The current version of the Native Player SDK supports playing content from your Video Cloud account through the Playback API, or as remote assets with internet accessible URLs.

  2. Analytics

    With the Native Player SDK, Video Cloud customers automatically get robust analytics data reported in Video Cloud.

  3. CocoaPods

    The Brightcove Player SDK for tvOS and its plugins can be added to your project using the CocoaPods dependency manager. Use the latest Brightcove-Player-SDK podspecs.

  4. SDKs developer forum

    Join us in the SDK developer forums where SDK related questions are answered by the community and Brightcove engineers. Currently a private group, you'll have to request access, providing details about the project you're working on to gain entry.

Download the SDK

The Brightcove Player SDK for tvOS is contained within the Player SDK for iOS. Here, you will find a dynamic library framework which supports tvOS.

Get the latest version of the Brightcove Native SDK for iOS:

(Github Repo)
Podspec Reference Documentation Notes Sample
SDK Native SDK for iOS v5.3.2 Brightcove-Player-SDK SDK Reference Release Notes Basic Apple TV sample

or select this button:

To view the product updates for all of the Native SDKs and the associated plugins, see the Release Notes for the Brightcove Native SDKs document.


The following table contains links to get plugins integrated with your SDK implementation. The plugins can be downloaded from their respective Github Repos, and each repo contains a detailed README with instructions on how to setup the plugin.

The sample applications demonstrate the basic functionality of each plugin integrated with the SDK. These sample apps are a good way to learn about each plugin, and serve as a reference point when debugging.

Previous integation versions

Category Plugin
(Github Repo)
Podspec Reference Documentation Sample Apps Supported Partner/Vendor Plugin
Advertising Once UX plugin v2.1.10 Brightcove-Player-SDK-OUX Once UX Reference Once UX Sample None
Captions Sidecar Subtitles plugin v2.1.6 [1] [2] Brightcove-Player-SDK-SidecarSubtitles Sidecar Subtitles Reference None
DRM FairPlay plugin v1.1.3 [3] Brightcove-Player-SDK-Fairplay Fairplay Reference None

Solution guides

The following table contains links to developer docs which will help you get started with your own app using the Brightcove Player SDK, and guide you through some of the features and functionality available.

Guide Description
Simple Video Playback Learn the basics of working with the Brightcove Player SDK for tvOS by creating a simple video playback app.
Rendition Selection Learn about the default rendition selection process when playing a video.
Using WebVTT Captions Learn how to configure WebVTT captions for HLS videos when using the Native SDK for tvOS.

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