BCOVFWSessionProviderAdContextPolicy Block Reference

Declared in BCOVFWSessionProvider.h

Block Definition


@typedef BCOVFWSessionProviderAdContextPolicy

typedef BCOVFWContext* (^BCOVFWSessionProviderAdContextPolicy) (BCOVVideo *video, BCOVSource *source, NSTimeInterval videoDuration)


@typedef BCOVFWSessionProviderAdContextPolicy

Policy that returns a BCOVFWAdContext object (FWContext and FWRequestConfiguration) for the given video and source. Clients of the BCOVFW component must implement this policy to return an appropriately-configured FreeWheel context for each video/source/duration. The same context object may be returned for all video/source combinations, if desired.

The videoDuration in seconds is provided for convenience when calling setVideoAssetId: on the ad context. By default, the sdk will wait for the AVPlayerItem to report a duration before executing this block.

If you would like to have this block called as soon as possible, either because the duration is available on the BCOVVideo/Source properties dictionary (if retreived from Video Cloud) or you are playing a live stream, set BCOVFWSessionProviderOptions.waitForAVPlayerDuration = NO when creating the plugin.

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