1 #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
2 #import "OOSecureURLGenerator.h"
5 @class OOIQConfiguration;
6 @protocol AVPictureInPictureControllerDelegate;
7 @protocol OOPlayerInfo;
13 @interface OOOptions : NSObject
21 @property (nonatomic) OOIQConfiguration *iqConfiguration;
25 @property (nonatomic) BOOL showCuePoints;
29 @property (nonatomic) BOOL showLiveContentScrubber;
33 @property (nonatomic) BOOL showAdsControls;
38 @property (nonatomic) BOOL preloadContent;
42 @property (nonatomic) BOOL showPromoImage;
46 @property (nonatomic) NSTimeInterval connectionTimeout;
50 @property (nonatomic) id<OOSecureURLGenerator> secureURLGenerator;
56 @property (nonatomic) BOOL enablePictureInPictureSupport;
60 @property (weak, nonatomic) id<AVPictureInPictureControllerDelegate> pipDelegate;
64 @property (nonatomic) BOOL bypassPCodeMatching;
69 @property (nonatomic) id<OOPlayerInfo> playerInfo;
74 @property (nonatomic) BOOL disableVASTOoyalaAds;
78 @property (nonatomic) NSArray<NSString *> *dynamicFilters;
82 @property (nonatomic, getter=isHEVCEnabled) BOOL HEVCEnabled;
88 @property (nonatomic) Float64 initialPlaybackSpeedRate;
94 - (instancetype)init;
100 - (void)logProperties;
102 @end
BOOL bypassPCodeMatching
Bypass the check to ensure the provided PCode matches the asset&#39;s Pcode.
Definition: OOOptions.h:64
Use this when first setting up the OoyalaPlayer to control the layout and behavior of the TV Ratings ...
Definition: OOFCCTVRatingConfiguration.h:26
id< AVPictureInPictureControllerDelegate > pipDelegate
The picture in picture delegate to receive PIP events.
Definition: OOOptions.h:60
BOOL disableVASTOoyalaAds
Disable the support of VAST and Ooyala Ads that is enabled in the SDK by default. ...
Definition: OOOptions.h:74
id< OOSecureURLGenerator > secureURLGenerator
Helper for signing URLs with provider&#39;s secret and API key.
Definition: OOOptions.h:50
BOOL enablePictureInPictureSupport
Enables PiP mode for devices that support it.
Definition: OOOptions.h:56
OOIQConfiguration * iqConfiguration
iqConfiguration iq configuration object for current player; Default: default analytics values object ...
Definition: OOOptions.h:21
Configurable values for IQ Analytics.
Definition: OOIQConfiguration.h:86
void logProperties()
Logs all properties that are part of this OOOptions.
instancetype init()
Initialize an OOOptions object with the all properties with default values.
Will try to play the video using HEVC, if possible.
Definition: OOOptions.h:82
OOFCCTVRatingConfiguration * tvRatingConfiguration
tvRatingConfiguration TV rating configuration object for current OoyalaPlayer; Default: default setti...
Definition: OOOptions.h:17
BOOL preloadContent
If set to YES, load the content when the required information and authorization is available...
Definition: OOOptions.h:38
id< OOPlayerInfo > playerInfo
The PlayerInfo used when making network requests to the Ooyala servers.
Definition: OOOptions.h:69
NSArray< NSString * > * dynamicFilters
Dynamic Filters to be sent to Azure.
Definition: OOOptions.h:78
BOOL showLiveContentScrubber
If set to YES, show the live content scrubber during live content playback (for live stream only)...
Definition: OOOptions.h:29
BOOL showPromoImage
If set to YES, show the promo image if a promo image is available.
Definition: OOOptions.h:42
NSTimeInterval connectionTimeout
The timeout value for network requests.
Definition: OOOptions.h:46
Float64 initialPlaybackSpeedRate
The initial playback speed rate.
Definition: OOOptions.h:88
BOOL showAdsControls
If set to YES, show ads controls (show the scrubber) during ad playback.
Definition: OOOptions.h:33
BOOL showCuePoints
Show cue points for ads if this is set to YES; Default: YES.
Definition: OOOptions.h:25
Configurations to change the behavior of the OoyalaPlayer.
Definition: OOOptions.h:13