1 //
2 // OOProgressSliderView.h
3 // OoyalaSDK
4 //
5 // Copyright © 2017 Brightcove, Inc. All rights reserved.
6 //
8 #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
9 #import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>
10 #import "OOCuePointsView.h"
11 #import "OOOoyalaPlayer.h"
18  OOUIProgressSliderMode mode;
19 }
21 #pragma mark - Public properties
23 @property (nonatomic) double duration;
24 @property (nonatomic) double currentTime;
25 @property (nonatomic) double currentAvailableTime;
26 @property (nonatomic) OOUIProgressSliderMode mode;
27 @property (nonatomic) CMTimeRange seekableTimeRange;
28 @property (nonatomic) UILabel *liveIndicator;
29 @property (nonatomic) UISlider *scrubber;
30 @property (nonatomic) UISlider *bufferSlider;
31 @property (nonatomic) NSSet *cuePointsAtSeconds;
33 #pragma mark - Public functions
38 - (void)updateTimeDisplay;
44 - (Float64)scrubberAbsoluteValue;
48 - (void)drawLiveIndicator;
51 @end
A view that can display the the current time, duration, and scrubber.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:17
An interface that gives OOCuePointsView the duration to use when rendering its cuepoints.
Definition: OOCuePointsView.h:11
double duration
The duration to display in the slider, in seconds.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:23
Float64 scrubberAbsoluteValue()
Get the absolute value of the scrubber.
void drawLiveIndicator()
Force the slider to render the "Live" indicator.
CMTimeRange seekableTimeRange
The seekable time range of the OoyalaPlayer.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:27
UISlider * scrubber
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:29
double currentTime
The current time to display in the slider, in seconds.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:24
UISlider * bufferSlider
The UISlider used for scrubbing.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:30
OOUIProgressSliderMode mode
The UI style to use in the slider.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:18
NSSet * cuePointsAtSeconds
The UISlider used via container for BufferView.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:31
void updateTimeDisplay()
Force the slider to render up-to-date duration, current time, and slider position.
UILabel * liveIndicator
A label that indicates if the video is live or not.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:28
double currentAvailableTime
The available buffer time to display on the slider, in seconds.
Definition: OOProgressSliderView.h:25