Package com.ooyala.cast


package  mediainfo


class  CastError
 The translations between HTML5 Error codes and OoyalaPlayer Error Codes.
class  CastEventBusCommunicator
 CastEventBusCommunicator provides capability to communicate with Custom Receiver via custom message bus. More...
class  CastManager
 CastManager is singleton. More...
class  CastPlayer
 Control the playback e.g. More...
class  CastSessionListener
 CastSessionListener provides list of callbacks regarding to Session events.
class  CastTokenCreator
 CastTokenCreator that can handle the blocking embed token generation needed to init the player.
interface  OnMessageReceivedListener
 OnMessageReceivedListener provides list of callbacks for custom receiver event bus.
class  RemoteMediaClientListener
 Workaround to let correct update states of minicontroller and notification. More...
class  UpdateImageViewRunnable
 Update the ImageView's image based on a url. More...