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 NfreewheelsdkThe Freewheel SDK is only available as a separate download
 NimasdkThe IMA SDK is only available as a separate download
 NpulseintegrationThe Ooyala Pulse Integration framework
 CAdIconInfoCreated by zchen on 3/3/16
 CAdOverlayInfoA class to transfer ad information required to render overlays
 CAdPodInfoA class to transfer ad pod information required to render ads
 CCastManagerInterfaceCreated by liusha.huang on 3/26/15
 CEmbedTokenGeneratorDefines a class that will generate Ooyala Player Tokens for playback authentication
 CEnvironmentA class which specifies and allows setting of the environment for Ooyala APIs in the OoyalaPlayer
 CFCCTVRatingEncapsulates the UI-relevant rating data of an asset
 CID3TagNotifierConnect objects which can read ID3 tags from asset streams, to objects that want to perform some action (e.g
 CMoviePlayerSelectorSelect the proper movie and stream player for a video/stream
 COoyalaManagedAdsPluginOoyala managed ads plugin manages ooyala and vast ads
 COoyalaNotificationAn object that is passed from the OoyalaPlayer to the all Observers that contains notification name and data
 COoyalaPlayerThe OoyalaPlayer is the heart of the playback system
 CPlayerDomainRepresents the domain under which Ooyala analytics will be recorded
 CPlayerInfoPlayerInfo is a collection of information that describes the capabilities of the playback device
 CSeekInfoCreated by ukumar on 8/30/16
 CServerTaskAuthAndMetadataA class that implements auth and metadata task
 CServerTaskCallbackA callback interface for some Asynchronous callback tasks Generally used only internally for network requests
 CStateNotifierConnect State changing objects with listeners thereof
 CSubTaskContentTreeA class that implements Content Tree subtask
 CSubTaskContentTreeByExternalIdsA class that implements Content Tree by external IDs subtask
 CCastEventBusCommunicatorCastEventBusCommunicator provides capability to communicate with Custom Receiver via custom message bus
 CCastManagerCastManager is singleton
 CCastPlayerControl the playback e.g
 CRemoteMediaClientListenerWorkaround to let correct update states of minicontroller and notification
 CUpdateImageViewRunnableUpdate the ImageView's image based on a url