Class Reference

A class that holds audio track info. More...

Public Member Functions

 AudioTrack (int groupIndex, int trackIndex, Format format, boolean groupIsAdaptive)
int getGroupIndex ()
int getTrackIndex ()
String getTrackTitle ()
String getLanguage ()
String getAdditionalInfo ()
boolean isGroupAdaptive ()
Format getFormat ()
void setTrackTitle (String trackTitle)
boolean equals (Object obj)
int hashCode ()

Detailed Description

A class that holds audio track info.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( int  groupIndex,
int  trackIndex,
Format  format,
boolean  groupIsAdaptive 
groupIndexThe index of the track group to which the track belongs.
trackIndexThe index of the track within the track group.
formatThe representation of a media format.
groupIsAdaptivetrue if the group of the audio track is adaptive, false if not.

Member Function Documentation

boolean ( Object  obj)
String ( )
Format ( )
int ( )
String ( )
int ( )
String ( )
int ( )
boolean ( )
void ( String  trackTitle)