Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 12345] by zchen on 3/3/16 class to transfer ad information required to render overlays class to transfer ad pod information required to render ads< T extends AdSpot >A helper class help us to manage ad spots< IMAAdPlayMetadata >< T > Interface that can be used to plug an Analytics reporter into the OoyalaPlayer Interface used by an Analytics Plugin Manager class for displaying user-friendly audio info class that holds audio track info response codes the info and metatdata for the specified movie
 CBaseFactory class that is passed as the "data" in OoyalaNotifications which have OoyalaPlayer.BITRATE_CHANGED_NOTIFICATION_NAME as the name a fluid syntax for configuration Builder class a fluid syntax for configuration fluid syntax builder for OoyalaIMAConfiguration the object of IQ Analytics configurations factory class for creating ManifestClosedCaption objects the object of ExoPlayer configurations a fluid syntax for configuration
 CCallback by liusha.huang on 3/26/15 class that represents VAST CompanionAds element
 CComparable constants by zchen on 2/29/16 interface for content item fetch tasks interface that must be implemented in order to create data source factory tool that provides two new features: (1) Hiding all Ooyala debug logs, and (2) enforcing a "strict mode" to force runtime exceptions on assertions throughout the Ooyala SDK class that holds default audio params by zchen on 12/9/15 by zchen on 12/9/15 downloader of DASH and HLS media files factory for Downloader instances type of the downloader that was used for downloading media files for changes in the media file downloads class that holds offline options to download/store videos to local folders on the device related constants a class that will generate Ooyala Player Tokens for playback authentication class which specifies and allows setting of the environment for Ooyala APIs in the OoyalaPlayer enumeration of the various Ooyala Environments that can be used for running the OoyalaPlayer
 CException read-only configuration of ExoPlayer functionality in the OoyalaPlayer the UI-relevant rating data of an asset this when first setting up the OoyalaPlayer to control the layout and behavior of the TV Ratings stamp
 CHttpDataSourceException by zchen on 2/25/16 objects which can read ID3 tags from asset streams, to objects that want to perform some action (e.g< T > class configures all the IQ Analytics related information that needs to be configured with default values or customer given values
 CIterable class for downloading DRM license for changes in the tracked downloads for changes in the license downloads
 CListener OoyalaPulseManager.Listener provides a way for the OoyalaPulseManager to communicate with the host application
 CListener< FWAdSpot >< OoyalaManagedAdSpot > for in manifest closed captions
 Ccom.ooyala.cast.mediainfo.MediaInfoPreparerProvides capability to prepare and get MediaInfo for casting logging mode that you'd like for the Ooyala SDK the proper movie and stream player for a video/stream interface that must be implemented in order to manage multi audio tracks interface provides the access to MultiAudioPlayer class that represents NonLinear element class that represents NonLinearAds element
 COnSeekBarChangeListener on 5/24/16 Configuration for the Ooyala + IMA Integration For more information on the supported parameters, check out the Builder class object that is passed from the OoyalaPlayer to the all Observers that contains notification name and data Pulse Manager plugin allows you to display ads from Ooyala Pulse in the Ooyala Player< String, >< String, >< K >< String >
 CParser the info and metatdata for the specified movie class for handling the playback speed read-only configuration of Playback rate functionality in the OoyalaPlayer interface that must be implemented in order to manage a playback rate interface that must be implemented in order to receive bitmap screenshot from Ooyala ExoPlayer the domain under which Ooyala analytics will be recorded interface that must be implemented by a movie player factory is a collection of information that describes the capabilities of the playback device interface that must be implemented in order to receive control events from Ooyala UI to collect common code around how notifications are generated
 Ccom.ooyala.cast.mediainfo.PlayerParamsPreparerPrepare params for MediaMetadata as embed token, CC, auth token, domain, embed code, etc enum defines a type of a player representation of VAST resource by pbq on 1/24/16 by ukumar on 8/30/16 class that implements auth and metadata task callback interface for some Asynchronous callback tasks Generally used only internally for network requests the SSAI metadata of an asset State changing objects with listeners thereof represents a single playable video URL class that implements Content Tree subtask class that implements Content Tree by external IDs subtask state of a task is a simple helper around a Java File, with the file parent directory always being the internal cache dir of the given Context create and cleanup automatically uniquely named files in the given Context's internal cache directory class is used to hold a VAST 3.0 time offset value class for displaying track selection dialogs video that is not tied to the Ooyala CMS e.g is a static helper class to deserialize a VMAP XML document into VMAP ad spots for exposing VAST utils class that holds Cache instance that maintains an in-memory representation
 Ccom.ooyala.cast.mediainfo.VideoData class helps OoyalaPlayerIMAWrapper to calculate VideoProgressUpdate for both content and ad playback so that IMA SDK can keep track of the content and ad playback class saves the states related to the IMA Ads playback source render mode interface that must be implemented for the VR player which supports VR 360 content
 COrderedMapValue< K