1 @import GoogleInteractiveMediaAds;
3 @class OOOoyalaPlayer;
5 @interface ManagedImaAdsManager: NSObject
7 @property (nonatomic, readonly) IMAAdsManager *imaAdsManager;
8 @property (nonatomic, readonly) id<IMAAdPlaybackInfo> adPlaybackInfo;
9 @property (nonatomic) int parentId;
10 @property (nonatomic) BOOL initialized;
12 @property (nonatomic) IMAAdsRenderingSettings *iars;
14 - (instancetype)initWithImaAdsManager:(IMAAdsManager *)imaAdsManager
15  delegate:(NSObject<IMAAdsManagerDelegate> *)delegate
16  parentId:(int)parentId;
17 - (void)imaInitializeWithPlayhead:(NSObject<IMAContentPlayhead> *)playhead
18  player:(OOOoyalaPlayer *)player
19  webOpenerDelegate:(id<IMAWebOpenerDelegate>)webOpenerDelegate
20  useDefaultBrowser:(BOOL)useDefaultBrowser;
21 - (void)start;
22 - (void)resume;
23 - (void)pause;
25 @end
IMAAdsManager * imaAdsManager
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.h:7
Set of properties that influence how ads are rendered.
Definition: IMAAdsRenderingSettings.h:69
int parentId
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.h:9
The IMAAdsManager class is responsible for playing ads.
Definition: IMAAdsManager.h:130
id< IMAAdPlaybackInfo > adPlaybackInfo
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.h:8
Signals that a internal or external web browser has been opened or closed.
Definition: IMAAdsRenderingSettings.h:23
Defines an interface for a class that tracks video content progress and exposes a key value observabl...
Definition: IMAContentPlayhead.h:25
void pause()
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.m:84
A callback protocol for IMAAdsManager.
Definition: IMAAdsManager.h:51
void resume()
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.m:80
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.h:5
BOOL initialized
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.h:10
IMAAdsRenderingSettings * iars
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.h:12
void start()
Definition: ManagedImaAdsManager.m:76