Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CIMAAdData object representing a single ad
 CIMAAdDisplayContainerThe IMAAdDisplayContainer is responsible for managing the ad container view and companion ad slots used for ad playback
 CIMAAdErrorSurfaces an error that occurred during ad loading or playing
 CIMAAdEventSimple data class used to transport ad playback information
 CIMAAdLoadingErrorDataAd error data that is returned when the ads loader fails to load the ad
 C<IMAAdPlaybackInfo>Groups various properties of the ad player
 CIMAAdPodInfoSimple data object containing podding metadata
 CIMAAdsLoadedDataAd data that is returned when the ads loader loads the ad
 CIMAAdsLoaderThe IMAAdsLoader class allows the requesting of ads from the ad server
 C<IMAAdsLoaderDelegate>Delegate object that receives state change callbacks from IMAAdsLoader
 CIMAAdsManagerThe IMAAdsManager class is responsible for playing ads
 C<IMAAdsManagerDelegate>A callback protocol for IMAAdsManager
 CIMAAdsRenderingSettingsSet of properties that influence how ads are rendered
 CIMAAdsRequestData class describing the ad request
 CIMAAVPlayerContentPlayheadAn implementation of IMAContentPlayhead for AVPlayer
 CIMAAVPlayerVideoDisplayAn implementation of the IMAVideoDisplay protocol
 C<IMAAVPlayerVideoDisplayDelegate>A callback protocol for IMAAVPlayerVideoDisplayDelegate
 CIMACompanionAdSlotAd slot for companion ads
 C<IMACompanionDelegate>Delegate to receive events from the companion ad slot
 C<IMAContentPlayhead>Defines an interface for a class that tracks video content progress and exposes a key value observable property |currentTime|
 CIMACuepointData object representation of a cuepoint for a single ad break
 CIMALiveStreamRequestData object describing a live stream request
 CIMAPictureInPictureProxyA proxy class for allowing the SDK to detect entering and exiting Picture-in-Picture
 CIMASettingsThe IMASettings class stores SDK wide settings
 CIMAStreamManagerThe IMAStreamManager class is responsible for playing streams
 C<IMAStreamManagerDelegate>A callback protocol for IMAStreamManager
 CIMAStreamRequestData class describing the stream request
 C<IMAVideoDisplay >Declares a simple video display class used for ad playback
 C<IMAVideoDisplayDelegate>Delegate object that receives state change callbacks from IMAVideoDisplay
 CIMAVODStreamRequestData object describing a VOD stream request
 C<IMAWebOpenerDelegate>Signals that a internal or external web browser has been opened or closed
 COOIMAAdPlayMetadataUse this class to store IMA playlist ad metadata
 COOIMAConfigurationUse this to provide configurations to the Ooyala IMA Integration