<VOOSMPStreamingDownloaderProgressInfo > Protocol Reference

#import <VOOSMPStreamingDownloaderType.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - init:totalStreamDuration:
 Initialize progress information with values. More...


int downloadedStreamDuration
 Get duration (millisecond) of stream that has been downloaded. More...
int totalStreamDuration
 Get total duration (millisecond) of stream. More...

Method Documentation

- (id VOOSMPStreamingDownloaderProgressInfo) init: (int)  downloadedStreamDuration
totalStreamDuration: (int)  totalStreamDuration 

Initialize progress information with values.

downloadedStreamDuration[in] Duration of stream that is downloaded. The units are ms.
totalStreamDuration[in] Total duration of stream. The units are ms.
object if successful; nil if unsuccessful

Property Documentation

- (int VOOSMPStreamingDownloaderProgressInfo) downloadedStreamDuration

Get duration (millisecond) of stream that has been downloaded.

- (int VOOSMPStreamingDownloaderProgressInfo) totalStreamDuration

Get total duration (millisecond) of stream.

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