Namespace: STATE


The Ooyala Player run-time states apply to an Ooyala player while it is running. These states apply equally to both HTML5 and Flash players. State changes occur either through user interaction (for example, the user clickes the PLAY button), or programmatically via API calls. For more information, see Player Message Bus Events.


<static> BUFFERING

Playback has currently stopped because it doesn't have enough movie data to continue and is downloading more.

<static> DESTROYED

The player has been destroyed via its OO.Player.destroy(callback) method.

<static> ERROR

The player has encountered an error that prevents playback of the asset. The error could be due to many reasons, such as video format, syndication rules, or the asset being disabled. Refer to the list of errors for details. The error code for the root cause of the error is available from the OO.Player.getErrorCode() method.

<static> LOADING

The embed code has been set. The movie and its metadata is currently being loaded into the player.

<static> PAUSED

The player has currently paused after playback had begun.

<static> PLAYING

The player is currently playing video content.

<static> READY

One of the following applies:
  • All of the necessary data is loaded in the player. Playback of the movie can begin.
  • Playback of the asset has finished and is ready to restart from the beginning.