Class: InitialPlayStartingData


Contains the information about the initial play starting event.


Initialize an instance of the current class using the new keyword along with this constructor.
Name Type Description
playerCoreVersion string The player core version
timeSinceInitialPlay number The time since the initial play request was made
autoplayed boolean Boolean for if the video was autoplayed or not
hadPreroll boolean Boolean for if the video had an ad play before it started
position number The initial position of the playhead upon playback start. This includes midrolls that play before content due to an initial playhead time > 0
plugin string The video plugin used for playback
technology string The browser technology used - HTML5, Flash, Mixed, or Other
encoding string The stream encoding type, i.e. MP4, HLS, Dash, etc.
streamUrl string The URL of the content being played
drm string The DRM being used, none if there is no DRM
isLive boolean Boolean that is true if a live stream is playing. If false it is VOD.