<constant> REQUIRED_PLUGIN_FUNCTIONS :Array.<string>

This is a list of the required functions for a plugin to be considered valid by the Analytics Framework.
  • getName() - Returns a non-empty string containing the name of the plugin.
  • getVersion() - Returns a non-empty string containing the version of the plugin.
  • setPluginID(id) - A function for setting the plugin id on an instance of the plugin.
  • getPluginID() - Returns the plugin id assigned by setPluginID().
  • init() - A function for initializing the plugin.
  • setMetadata(metadata) - A function for passing metadata specific to this plugin.
  • destroy() - Destructor function for cleanup.
  • processEvent(eventName, paramArray) - A function to receive events that are published through the framework.
  • Array.<string>