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asSortedList(Collection< T > c)
blockingGetEmbedTokenForEmbedCodes(EmbedTokenGenerator generator, List< String > embedCodes)
bytesFromFile(File file)
bytesFromPostUrl(String urlString, byte[] body, Map< String, String > requestProperties, int connectionTimeoutInMillisecond, int readTimeoutInMillisecond)
bytesToFile(File file, byte[] bytes)
encryptString(String rawString)
getJSONValueOrElse(JSONObject json, String key, Object orElse)
getParamsString(Map< String, String > params, String separator, boolean urlEncode)
getSubset(Map< String, T > objects, int firstIndex, int count)
getUrlContent(URL url, int connectionTimeoutInMillisecond, int readTimeoutInMillisecond)
hasInternetCapabilities(Context context, int[] desiredNetworkTransports)
isInternetAvailable(Context context)
isInternetConnected(Context context, int[] desiredNetworkTypes)
isNullOrEmpty(String string)
join(Collection<? extends Object > list, String separator)
makeURL(String host, String uri, Map< String, String > params)
makeURL(String host, String uri, String params)
mapFromFile(File file)
mapToJsonString(Map< String, String > map)
objectFromJSON(String json)
objectToFile(File file, Serializable object)
openUrlInBrowser(Context context, String url)
overwriteJSONObject(JSONObject src, JSONObject dst)
pingUrl(URL url)
postUrl(URL url, String body, int connectionTimeoutInMillisecond, int readTimeoutInMillisecond)
updateProtocolToHttps(String url)