Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 C<FWAdInstance >Protocol for ad instance
 C<FWAdManager >Protocol for AdManager
 C<FWContext >Protocol for AdManager context
 C<FWCreativeRendition >Protocol for creative rendition
 C<FWCreativeRenditionAsset >Protocol for creative rendition asset
 C<FWExtension >Protocol for FWExtension
 C<FWRenderer >Protocol for FWRenderer
 C<FWRendererController >Protocol for renderer controller The FWRendererController class provides methods for reporting metric events and changing renderer states
 C<FWSlot >Protocol for slot
 COOFreewheelAdPlayerA class that plays freewheel ads
 COOFreewheelAdSpotA class that holds freewheel ad spot info
 COOFreewheelManagerA class that manages Freewheel ads
 COOFreewheelManager(Internal)A class that implements OOFreewheelManager internal methods