<FWExtension > Protocol Reference

Protocol for FWExtension. More...

#import <FWProtocols.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithFWContext:
 Initialize the extension with a id<FWContext> instance. More...
(void) - stop
 Stop the extension. More...

Detailed Description

Protocol for FWExtension.

Method Documentation

- (id FWExtension) initWithFWContext: (id< FWContext >)  context

Initialize the extension with a id<FWContext> instance.

contextreference to id<FWContext>

Note: The constructor of the extension. AdManager will use this method to get an object of the extension.

- (void FWExtension) stop

Stop the extension.

Note: Extension should stop all its work and do cleanup in the method. id<FWContext> object should not be used anymore after executing stop.

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