OOOoyalaAdSpot Class Reference

A single ooyala video ad associated with specific time. More...

#import "OOOoyalaAdSpot.h"

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Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithTime:clickURL:trackingURLs:embedCode:api:
 Initialize an OOOoyalaAdSpot using the embed code. More...
(instancetype) - initWithDictionary:api:
(OOReturnState) - updateWithDictionary:
(void) - fetchPlaybackInfoWithCallback:
(NSArray *) - embedCodesToAuthorize
- Instance Methods inherited from OOAdSpot
(instancetype) - initWithTime:
 Initialize an ad spot with time. More...
(NSComparisonResult) - compare:
 compare two ad spots based on their time * More...


NSMutableArray * streams
NSString * embedCode
 The OOOoyalaAdSpot's Embed Code. More...
BOOL authorized
OOAuthCode authCode
BOOL heartbeatRequired
- Properties inherited from OOManagedAdSpot
NSURL * clickURL
 The URL which should be opened when the OOAdSpot is clicked. More...
NSArray * trackingURLs
 The Array of URLs which should be pinged when the OOAdSpot plays. More...
- Properties inherited from OOAdSpot
NSNumber * time
 time to play the ad in second More...
int priority
 the priority to distinguish ad spots of same time, adspot having a smaller priority will be played first More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Class Methods inherited from OOManagedAdSpot
(OOManagedAdSpot *) + adSpotFromDictionary:api:duration:

Detailed Description

A single ooyala video ad associated with specific time.


OOOoyalaAdSpot.h in OoyalaSDK

Method Documentation

- (NSArray *) embedCodesToAuthorize
- (void) fetchPlaybackInfoWithCallback: (void(^)(BOOL success))  callback
- (instancetype) initWithDictionary: (NSDictionary *)  data
api: (OOPlayerAPIClient *)  theAPI 
- (instancetype) initWithTime: (NSNumber *)  theTime
clickURL: (NSURL *)  theClickURL
trackingURLs: (NSArray *)  theTrackingURLs
embedCode: (NSString *)  theEmbedCode
api: (OOOoyalaAPIClient *)  theAPI 

Initialize an OOOoyalaAdSpot using the embed code.

[in]theTimethe time at which to play the ad
[in]theClickURLthe clickthrough URL
[in]theTrackingURLsthe tracking URLs
[in]theEmbedCodethe embed code to initialize the OOOoyalaAdSpot with
[in]theAPIthe OOPlayerAPIClient that was used to fetch this OOOoyalaAdSpot
the initialized OOOoyalaAdSpot
- (OOReturnState) updateWithDictionary: (NSDictionary *)  data

Property Documentation

- (OOAuthCode) authCode
- (BOOL) authorized
- (NSString*) embedCode

The OOOoyalaAdSpot's Embed Code.

- (BOOL) heartbeatRequired
- (NSMutableArray*) streams

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