Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 C<OOAdPlugin>An interface to implement an Ad Plugin, which can plug into the OoyalaPlayer
 COOAdSpotA Generic class to hold AdSpot time info
 COOAdSpotManagerA class that manages a list of ad spots for a content
 C<OOAnalyticsPluginProtocol >
 COOAssetDownloadOptionsOptions object used to create an OODtoAsset
 C<OOAudioSessionDelegate >
 C<OOAudioTrackProtocol >Encapsulates important information of an AVMediaSelectionOption instance
 C<OOAudioTrackSelectionProtocol >This protocol defines all the required methods to manage audio tracks for an asset
 C<OOAuthorizableItem >A protocol that represents a content item that requires authorization to play
 COOBufferViewA wrappper of the Progress Slider that allows a view for the buffering duration to appear
 COOCaptionSingle timed text item
 C<OOCastManagerProtocol >
 COOChannelA OOContentItem which contains other items, representing a single channel as defined in Backlot
 COOChannelSetA OOContentItem which contains channels, representing a single channel set as defined in Backlot
 COOClosedCaptionsAn object which represents all closed captions information for the asset
 COOClosedCaptionsLabelA text label which may have the uniform edge style
 COOClosedCaptionsSelectorBackgroundViewControllerA View controller that is used to display the background of the CC Selector This is part of the Old UI functionality
 COOClosedCaptionsSelectorViewControllerA UI selector that can be used to select closed captions language This is part of the Old UI functionality
 COOClosedCaptionsStyleDefines text style to be used when displaying closed captions
 COOClosedCaptionsViewA View which displasy caption text
 COOContentItemA single playable content item, such as video
 C<OOControls >
 C<OOControlsDelegate >
 COOCuePointsViewA view that renders the cue points of advertisements within a certain frame
 C<OOCuePointViewDurationDataSource>An interface that gives OOCuePointsView the duration to use when rendering its cuepoints
 COODebugModeEnable or disable Ooyala debug logs
 COODefaultAudioOnlyPlayerInfoThis is the default implementation of OOPlayerInfo for audio_only assets
 COODefaultPlayerInfoThis is the default implementation of OOPlayerInfo
 COODtoAssetUse this class to manage an offline-downloadable asset
 COODynamicChannelA OOContentItem which contains other items, dynamically created out of list of embed codes
 COOEmbeddedSecureURLGeneratorDefault implementation of OOSecureURLGenerator which will generate secured Ooyala API URLs using API key and secret
 COOEmbeddedSignatureGeneratorDefault implementation of OOSignatureGenerator which will generate Ooyala API signatures using API secret
 C<OOEmbedTokenGenerator >A protocol that defines how the Ooyala Player can creates Ooyala Player Tokens for OPT-enforced playback
 C<OOFairplayContentKeyDelegate>This delegate communicates about downloading a Fairplay license
 COOFCCTVRatingEncapsulates the UI-relevant rating data of an asset
 COOFCCTVRatingConfigurationUse this when first setting up the OoyalaPlayer to control the layout and behavior of the TV Ratings stamp
 COOIQConfigurationConfigurable values for IQ Analytics
 C<OOLifeCycle>Handle events around the lifecycle of the OOOoyalaPlayer
 COOManagedAdSpotBase class for concrete ad spot implementations
 COOMovingAverageKeep a running average of the last N samples, where N is MOVING_AVERAGE_WINDOW_SAMPLE_SIZE
 C<OOMultiAudioProtocol >This protocol defines all the required methods to manage audio tracks and audio languages for OOOoyalaPlayer
 COOOoyalaAdSpotA single ooyala video ad associated with specific time
 COOOoyalaAPIClientOoyala API client implementation
 COOOoyalaErrorRepresents an error in the Ooyala SDK
 COOOoyalaPlayerThe OoyalaPlayer is the heart of the playback system
 COOOoyalaPlayerViewControllerMain ViewController class for Ooyala player
 COOOoyalaSimpleTVPlayerViewControllerMain ViewController class for Ooyala player
 COOOptionsConfigurations to change the behavior of the OoyalaPlayer
 COOPerformanceCountingStatisticsAccumulated count
 COOPerformanceCPUProfilingStatisticsCPU profiling related data
 C<OOPerformanceEventMatcherProtocol >Minimal stuff an OOPerformanceEventMatcher object should implement
 COOPerformanceEventWatchCountingIncrement a counter whenever notifications match
 COOPerformanceEventWatchCPUProfilingSample CPU stats whenever notifications match
 COOPerformanceEventWatchFileSpaceProfilingSample file space stats whenever notifications match
 COOPerformanceEventWatchMemoryProfilingSample memory stats whenever notifications match
 C<OOPerformanceEventWatchProtocol >Minimal stuff an OOPerformanceEventWatch object should implement
 COOPerformanceEventWatchStartEndHelp keep track of the window between a start and end event
 COOPerformanceFileSpaceProfilingStatisticsFile space profiling related data
 COOPerformanceMemoryProfilingStatisticsMemory profiling related data
 COOPerformanceMonitorListens to notifications and runs any matching watchers
 COOPerformanceNotificationNameMatcherMatch only on a notification's name
 COOPerformanceNotificationNameStateMatcherMatch only Ooyala state change notifications, also checking the OOOoyalaPlayerState in the notification
 COOPerformanceStartEndStatisticsKeep track of the time taken between the start and end events
 C<OOPerformanceStatisticsProtocol >Minimal stuff an OOPerformanceStatistics object should implement
 COOPerformanceStatisticsSnapshotA collection of the OOPerformanceStatistics at a point in time
 C<OOPlayableItem >A simple protocol which has the list of available streams for playback
 C<OOPlaybackSpeedProtocol >
 C<OOPlaybackSpeedSelectionProtocol >
 COOPlayerDomainRepresents the domain under which Ooyala analytics will be recorded
 C<OOPlayerInfo >OOPlayerInfo represents information describing the capabilities of the playback device
 COOProgressSliderViewA view that can display the the current time, duration, and scrubber
 C<OOReactSkinBridgeDelegate >
 C<OOReactSkinBridgeModule >
 C<OOReactSkinModelDelegate >
 C<OOSecureURLGenerator >A protocol used to request a signed URL for Player API requests
 C<OOSignatureGenerator >A protocol which signs data based on Ooyala signature protocol
 COOSkinViewControllerThe primary class for the Skin UI Use it to display the Ooyala Skin UI alongside the OOOoyalaPlayer
 C<OOSkinViewControllerDelegate >
 C<OOStreamPlayerMappingCreator >
 C<OOStreamPlayerMappingPredicate >
 COOTransparentToolbarA transparent toolbar that can be used to overlay over other views
 COOUserInfoThis is the UserInfo that is provided from SAS after authorization
 COOVASTAdRepresents all information from a single VAST XML file
 COOVASTAdSpotRepresents all VAST information from a root VAST XML file
 COOVASTCompanionA Companion ad that was defined in a VAST advertisement
 COOVASTCompanionAdsA list of companion ads that was defined in a VAST XML
 COOVASTCreativeA creative that was defined in a VAST XML
 COOVASTIconRepresents a VASTIcon that needs to be displayed on during a VAST ad
 COOVASTLinearAdRepresents a single VAST linear advertisement
 COOVASTNonLinearA single non-linear, static advertisement that was defined in a VAST XML
 COOVASTNonLinearAdsA list of non-linear, static advertisement that was defined in a VAST XML
 COOVASTOffsetDefines an offset for when ad-related events should happen around VAST ads
 COOVASTResourceA URL from which to get VAST information
 COOVASTStreamRepresents a single VAST stream that can be played in a Stream Player
 COOVASTUtilsVarious VAST-related utilities
 COOVASTVMAPAdHelperVarious VMAP-related utilities
 COOVASTVMAPAdSpotDefines all information around an Ad Spot as it was defined in a VMAP XML
 COOVideoThis class implements video stream object
 CScrubberSliderFramingA class which helps measure the correct size for the scrubber, after all buttons have been measured