<OOControls > Protocol Reference

#import <OOControls.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for <OOControls >:

Instance Methods

(void) - setIsPlayingState:
(void) - setFullscreenButtonShowing:
(void) - setAirPlayButtonShowing:
(void) - setClosedCaptionsButtonShowing:
(void) - setVideoGravityButtonShowing:
(void) - setGravityState:
(void) - setHiddenControls:
(void) - setPiPButtonShowing:

Method Documentation

- (void OOControls) setAirPlayButtonShowing: (BOOL)  showing
- (void OOControls) setClosedCaptionsButtonShowing: (BOOL)  showing
- (void OOControls) setFullscreenButtonShowing: (BOOL)  showing
- (void OOControls) setGravityState: (BOOL)  isZoomed
- (void OOControls) setHiddenControls: (BOOL)  hidden
- (void OOControls) setIsPlayingState: (BOOL)  isPlaying
- (void OOControls) setPiPButtonShowing: (BOOL)  showing
- (void OOControls) setVideoGravityButtonShowing: (BOOL)  showing

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