OOSkinAutoUpdatingClosedCaptionsStyle Class Reference

#import <OOSkinAutoUpdatingClosedCaptionsStyle.h>

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Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithClosedCaptionsView:
(void) - onApplicationDidBecomeActive: [implementation]
- Instance Methods inherited from OOClosedCaptionsStyle
(void) - updateStyle
 update closed caption style More...
(NSComparisonResult) - compare:
 compare closed captions style More...


OOClosedCaptionsViewccView [implementation]
- Properties inherited from OOClosedCaptionsStyle
UIColor * textColor
 Closed captions text color. More...
CGFloat textOpacity
 Closed captions text opacity (between opaque and semi-transparent) More...
NSInteger textSize
 Closed caption text size (from 50% to 200% of default size) More...
NSString * textFontName
 Closed captions text font name. More...
UIColor * windowColor
 Closed captions window color. More...
CGFloat windowOpacity
 Closed captions window opacity. More...
OOClosedCaptionPresentation presentation
 Closed captions presentation. More...
MACaptionAppearanceTextEdgeStyle edgeStyle
 Closed captions edge attributes. More...
MACaptionAppearanceDisplayType displayType
 The type of captions that should be displayed. More...
UIColor * backgroundColor
 This is the background of text itself instead of the backgound of the window holding the text So in our SDK when we mention "background" we mean the " window" in this case Closed captions background color. More...
CGFloat backgroundOpacity
 Closed captions background opacity (between opaque and semi-transparent) This this is only used for classic settings in device otherwise we choose windowOpacity for background opacity. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OOClosedCaptionsStyle
(typedef) - NS_ENUM
 Closed captions presentation, deprecated. More...

Method Documentation

- (instancetype) initWithClosedCaptionsView: (OOClosedCaptionsView*)  ccView
- (void) onApplicationDidBecomeActive: (NSNotification *)  notification

Property Documentation

- (OOClosedCaptionsView*) ccView

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