OOPlayer. More...

#import "OOPlayer.h"

+ Inheritance diagram for OOPlayer:

Instance Methods

(BOOL) - isPlaying
(BOOL) - isAudioOnlyStreamPlaying
(CMTimeRange) - seekableTimeRange
(CGRect) - videoRect
(void) - setState:
- Instance Methods inherited from <OOPlayerProtocol>
(BOOL) - hasCustomControls
(void) - pause
 This is called when pause is clicked. More...
(void) - play
 This is called when play is clicked. More...
(void) - stop
 This is called when stop is clicked. More...
(Float64) - playheadTime
 Get the current playhead time. More...
(Float64) - duration
 Get the current item's duration. More...
(Float64) - buffer
 Get the current item's buffer. More...
(void) - seekToTime:
 Set the current playhead time of the player. More...
(UIImage *) - screenshot
(void) - setVideoGravity:
(void) - setClosedCaptionsLanguage:
(void) - disablePlaylistClosedCaptions
- Instance Methods inherited from <OOLifeCycle>
(void) - reset
 This is called when plugin should be reset. More...
(void) - suspend
 This is called when plugin should be suspended. More...
(void) - resume
 This is called when plugin should be resumed. More...
(void) - resume:stateToResume:
 This is called when plugin should be resumed. More...
(void) - destroy
 This is called when plugin should be destryed. More...

Protected Attributes

 KVO compatible playhead time. More...
UIView * view
BOOL completed
BOOL supportsVideoGravityButton
NSString *const PlayerErrorNotification


Float64 playheadTime
- Properties inherited from <OOPlayerProtocol>
OOOoyalaPlayerState state
 This returns the player state. More...
BOOL seekable
CMTimeRange seekableTimeRange
BOOL allowsExternalPlayback
BOOL usesExternalPlaybackWhileExternalScreenIsActive
BOOL externalPlaybackActive
float rate
double bitrate
BOOL supportsVideoGravityButton
BOOL liveClosedCaptionsAvailable
float volume

Detailed Description


OOPlayer.h in OoyalaSDK

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) isAudioOnlyStreamPlaying
- (BOOL) isPlaying
- (CMTimeRange) seekableTimeRange
- (void) setState: (OOOoyalaPlayerState)  state
- (CGRect) videoRect

Member Data Documentation

- (BOOL) completed
- (OOOoyalaError *) playerError

KVO compatible playhead time.

The OOPlayer's current error if it exists

- (NSString* const) PlayerErrorNotification
- (BOOL) supportsVideoGravityButton
- (UIView *) view

Property Documentation

- (Float64) playheadTime

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