#import <OOStreamPlayer.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OOStreamPlayer:

Instance Methods

(BOOL) - setup:parent:
(id< OOPlayerInfo >) - playerInfo
(void) - seekToTime:completion:
 seek to time More...
(void) - togglePictureInPictureMode
 toggle picture in picture mode More...
(void) - disablePlaylistClosedCaptions
 Disables the CC in the HLS Playlist. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from OOPlayer
(BOOL) - isPlaying
(BOOL) - isAudioOnlyStreamPlaying
(CMTimeRange) - seekableTimeRange
(CGRect) - videoRect
(void) - setState:
- Instance Methods inherited from <OOPlayerProtocol>
(BOOL) - hasCustomControls
(void) - pause
 This is called when pause is clicked. More...
(void) - play
 This is called when play is clicked. More...
(void) - stop
 This is called when stop is clicked. More...
(Float64) - playheadTime
 Get the current playhead time. More...
(Float64) - duration
 Get the current item's duration. More...
(Float64) - buffer
 Get the current item's buffer. More...
(void) - seekToTime:
 Set the current playhead time of the player. More...
(UIImage *) - screenshot
(void) - setVideoGravity:
(void) - setClosedCaptionsLanguage:
- Instance Methods inherited from <OOLifeCycle>
(void) - reset
 This is called when plugin should be reset. More...
(void) - suspend
 This is called when plugin should be suspended. More...
(void) - resume
 This is called when plugin should be resumed. More...
(void) - resume:stateToResume:
 This is called when plugin should be resumed. More...
(void) - destroy
 This is called when plugin should be destryed. More...

Class Methods

(id< OOPlayerInfo >) + defaultPlayerInfo
(void) + setDefaultPlayerInfo:

Protected Attributes

OOSeekStyle _seekStyle
- Protected Attributes inherited from OOPlayer
 KVO compatible playhead time. More...
UIView * view
BOOL completed
BOOL supportsVideoGravityButton
NSString *const PlayerErrorNotification


OOSeekStyle seekStyle
BOOL pipActivated
- Properties inherited from OOPlayer
Float64 playheadTime
- Properties inherited from <OOPlayerProtocol>
OOOoyalaPlayerState state
 This returns the player state. More...
BOOL seekable
CMTimeRange seekableTimeRange
BOOL allowsExternalPlayback
BOOL usesExternalPlaybackWhileExternalScreenIsActive
BOOL externalPlaybackActive
float rate
double bitrate
BOOL supportsVideoGravityButton
BOOL liveClosedCaptionsAvailable
float volume

Method Documentation

+ (id<OOPlayerInfo>) defaultPlayerInfo
- (void) disablePlaylistClosedCaptions

Disables the CC in the HLS Playlist.

Reimplemented from <OOPlayerProtocol>.

- (id<OOPlayerInfo>) playerInfo
- (void) seekToTime: (Float64)  time
completion: (void(^)(void))  onCompletion 

seek to time

[in]timeto seek
[in]onCompletiona callback when seek is completed
+ (void) setDefaultPlayerInfo: (id< OOPlayerInfo >)  playerInfo
- (BOOL) setup: (NSArray *)  streams
parent: (OOOoyalaPlayer *)  parent 
- (void) togglePictureInPictureMode

toggle picture in picture mode

Member Data Documentation

- (OOSeekStyle) _seekStyle

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) pipActivated
- (OOSeekStyle) seekStyle

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