Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CGCKAdBreakClipInfoA class representing an ad break clip
 CGCKAdBreakClipVastAdsRequestA class representing a VAST request for an ad break clip
 CGCKAdBreakInfoA class representing an ad break
 CGCKAdBreakStatusA class representing the ad break status
 CGCKApplicationMetadataInformation about a receiver application
 CGCKCastChannelA virtual communication channel for exchanging messages between a Cast sender and a Cast receiver
 CGCKCastContextA class containing global objects and state for the framework
 C<GCKCastDeviceStatusListener >A listener protocol for receiving Cast device status change notifications
 CGCKCastOptionsOptions that affect the discovery of Cast devices and the behavior of Cast sessions
 CGCKCastSessionA class that manages a Cast session with a receiver device
 CGCKColorA class that represents an RGBA color
 CGCKDeviceAn object representing a receiver device
 CGCKDeviceProviderAn abstract base class for performing device discovery and session construction
 CGCKDeviceProvider(Protected)Convenience methods for constructing GCKDevice objects and sending discovery notifications to the framework
 CGCKDiscoveryCriteriaDevice discovery filter criteria
 CGCKDiscoveryManagerA class that manages the device discovery process
 C<GCKDiscoveryManagerListener >The GCKDiscoveryManager listener protocol
 CGCKErrorA subclass of NSError for framework errors
 CGCKGenericChannelA generic GCKCastChannel implementation, suitable for use when subclassing is not desired
 C<GCKGenericChannelDelegate >The GCKGenericChannel delegate protocol
 CGCKImageA class that represents an image that is located on a web server
 CGCKJSONUtilsUtility methods for working with JSON data
 CGCKLaunchOptionsReceiver application launch options
 CGCKLoggerA singleton object used for logging by the framework
 C<GCKLoggerDelegate >The GCKLogger delegate protocol
 CGCKLoggerFilterA class for filtering log messages that are produced using GCKLogger
 CGCKMediaInformationA class that aggregates information about a media item
 CGCKMediaInformationBuilderA builder object for constructing new or derived GCKMediaInformation instances
 CGCKMediaLoadOptionsOptions for loading media with GCKRemoteMediaClient
 CGCKMediaMetadataA container for media metadata
 CGCKMediaQueueItemA class representing a media queue item
 CGCKMediaQueueItemBuilderA builder object for constructing new or derived GCKMediaQueueItem instances
 CGCKMediaQueueLoadOptionsOptions for loading media queue items with GCKRemoteMediaClient
 CGCKMediaRequestItemA class representing a request item sent to Cast receivers
 CGCKMediaSeekOptionsOptions for seeking within media with GCKRemoteMediaClient
 CGCKMediaStatusA class that holds status information about some media
 CGCKMediaTextTrackStyleA class representing a style for a text media track
 CGCKMediaTrackA class representing a media track
 CGCKMultizoneDeviceA member device of a multizone group
 CGCKMultizoneStatusThe status of a multizone group
 CGCKNetworkAddressAn object that represents a network IP address
 CGCKOpenURLOptionsAn object representing options that can be passed to a Cast-enabled application via a deep-link URL
 CGCKRemoteMediaClientA class for controlling media playback on a Cast receiver
 CGCKRemoteMediaClient(Protected)Methods to be called by GCKRemoteMediaClient subclasses only
 C<GCKRemoteMediaClientAdInfoParserDelegate >The delegate protocol for parsing ad break information from a media status
 C<GCKRemoteMediaClientListener >The GCKRemoteMediaClient listener protocol
 CGCKRequestAn object for tracking an asynchronous request
 C<GCKRequestDelegate >The GCKRequest delegate protocol
 CGCKSenderApplicationInfoInformation about a sender application
 CGCKSessionAn abstract base class representing a session with a receiver device
 CGCKSession(Protected)Methods to be overridden and called by GCKSession subclasses only
 CGCKSessionManagerA class that manages sessions
 C<GCKSessionManagerListener >The GCKSessionManager listener protocol
 CGCKSessionTraitsAn object describing the traits and capabilities of a session
 CGCKVideoInfoA class representing video format details
 CNSDictionary(GCKAdditions)A category that adds some convenience methods to NSDictionary for safely looking up values of various types
 CNSMutableDictionary(GCKAdditions)A category that adds some convenience methods to NSDictionary for setting values of various types
 CNSTimer(GCKAdditions)A category on NSTimer that adds some useful enhancements
 C<OOCastManagerInternalProtocol >
 C<OOCastMiniControllerDelegate >
 C<OOCastMiniControllerProtocol >Should maintain a OOCastMiniControllerDelegate