Class: VideoControllerInterface


The interface to the controller provided to a plugin.

VideoControllerInterface(vtc, videoId, electedPlugin)

Initialize an instance of the current class using the new keyword along with this constructor.
Name Type Description
vtc The video tech controller instance
videoId The id of the video instance
electedPlugin The plugin from which the video element is built


notify(eventName, eventparams)

Notifies the Video Controller of an event from the video.
Name Type Description
eventName string The event name (see VideoController#EVENTS).
eventparams object The event parameters. See VideoController#EVENTS for the required parameters for each event.


Notifies the Video Controller that the video element is not ready to receive play commands. This will only have an effect if called before returning the element in the create API. This should only be used in cases when the video wrapper will not be able to handle play events in a synchronous fashion on devices such as Android that require playback directly upon user click.


Notifies the Video Controller that the video element is ready to receive play commands. This function should only be called if VideoControllerInterface.markNotReady was called.